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  • Member: canal-chan
  • Title: Hameln CanCan
  • Premiered: 2001-09-01
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    • Vanessa-Mae I Can, Can You?
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  • Comments: Updated! I finally found a new place to host the video at. Enjoy!

    I have seen -one- music video done to Violinist of Hameln, and that was to the TV series. Now... allow me to say that... as much as I thought that TV series was cool, it cannot come close to being as cool as the movie itself is. The movie follows the feel of the manga better, which has me a lot happier. ^.^;;

    Well... As is obvious by my Final Fantasy video, and my attempt of a Trigun video (which didn't work out- I just ran out of ideas on it. I'll probably pick it up again.), I am going through an insane Vanessa-Mae kick right now. So... I figured that if I -was- on said kick, that I should at least make a Hameln video. Ne? Ne? ^.^;;;

    Well... Considering that the 'can can' is actually used during the awesome Marionette Version scene of Flute the 28th for a short moment, that I -had- to make a music vid using it.

    What better than Vanessa-Mae playing the Can Can? ^.^ It's called "I Can, Can You?" and the psychotic sound of it -really- fits the speed of the video.

    ...speaking of speed... I have dubbed this video the "Kirsy plays with the speed function" video. Very few things are their original speed. In fact, many things have been simply sped up.

    This is a fast song, and the video is currently still being worked on... but because of AnimeFest being next weekend, I will not display the video until Friday or Saturday night.

    I've added lip sync to the technical details, even though it was accidental. At the very end of the video, that is. That's one of the few points of speech that you'll find in the song.

    This was a very frustrating video to do, as the Hameln movie is only 30 minutes long, but... in the end, I think it was worth it.

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