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  • Member: rentahero
  • Studio: Side 7 Productions
  • Title: Glass Moon
  • Premiered: 2001-02-11
  • Category:
  • Song:
    • Mayumi Sudo Glass Moon
  • Anime:
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    PIII 600
    Pinnacle Systems DC10 Plus

    Premiere 5.1
    After Effects 4.1
    Photoshop 6

    Time to complete:
    Approximately 8 hours

    This is actually a remake of a Video Girl AI video I made back in college. It was originally done in a VHS editing suite at school. This version was completed using Premiere and at the request of my friends who liked the original. You'll find that I have chosen to use a song from the series itself as I rather like Japanese music. For this reason you'll note that I use the mood of the song rather than the lyrics itself to dictate how the video progresses.

    One thing that may proove to be a little ambiguous (as I had to explain it to a couple of people already) is the shatter effect towards the end. I didn't place it there to look funky. I used it to hit home the feeling of Yota when he realizes that Moemi will never be his. I don't think that a standard transition would have worked quite as well, but I do admit that it may seem out of place to anyone but me :) If you're wondering what I used to make this effect it was Adobe After Effects. I set up the clips I planned on using, layering the video clips, and adding the effect to the top video layer. This effect is part of the Final Effects plugin section titled "Pixel Polly".

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