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  • Member: TommyRude
  • Studio: Anime Rudeboy Productions
  • Title: I'm The One
  • Premiered: 2001-09-21
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    • Descendents I'm The One
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  • Comments: This video is currently dow. Why? Because it's reallly not that good right now. I'll repost it after I redo it.

    Consider this my official apology for Evangelion: ALL!.
    This is also a follow-up of sorts to a piece of Eva fanfiction I wrote a while back. (The fanfic was based on the same song.)
    This is the first release of the video. I wanna make another one as soona as I get the rest of the Eva dvds. I had to break down and use these pretty crappy looking divx files for some scenes. (Not all of them.)
    It includes footage from the real music video as well as a lot of lip synching on the part of Shinji. Asuka synchs for two scenes, and appears to for another, but the third time was just a coincidence. :P I'm pretty sure it was the live action footage that kept it out of the AWA AMV contest.
    The Descendents are arguably the greatest punk band of all time. (If they're second to anyone, it's the Ramones.) It kinda pisses me off that they don't get much play in the AMV comunity.
    Anyway, this is probably my best work to date, so check it out.

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