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  • Members (25): AniMix, AngelofRebirth2015, BigDude, Eji, Freeza11, Geirr, Jebadia, MajinZero, OtakuForLife, Pepsiman, Phoeptar, Qyot27, RockX2, Saddack, Saeth1, SeeDTien, Sephiroth, WilLoW :--), aya-, burntoast, dokool, dussydelf, sciusn, shiryu.23, temaranight
  • Studio: AniMix
  • Title: AniMix Project - Part 3
  • Premiered: 2003-11-01
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Africa Bambatta Pupanny
    • B.G. and the prince of rap The Color of my dreams
    • Bobby McFerrin Don't Worry Be Happy
    • Brooklyn Bounce the sound of progressive attack
    • Caught in the act Love is everywhere
    • Chocolate Ritmo de la Noche
    • Corona I don't wanna be a star
    • Da Blitz Let me be
    • Da Blitz Stay with me
    • Deadly Sins We are going on Down
    • Disco Nation Rock Da Jam
    • DJ Cerla Pom Pom
    • DJ Dado Theme from X Files
    • DJ Quicksilver Belissima
    • DJ Quicksilver Free
    • DJ Shwede Boom Boom
    • Fun Factory Do Wah Diddy
    • Ice MC It's a rainy Day
    • Ice MC Take Away the Color
    • Ice MC Think about the way
    • Interactive Elevator Up and Down
    • Jam and spoon Right in the night
    • Kadoc the nighttrain
    • La Bouche Sweet Dreams
    • Le Click Tonight is the Night
    • M.C. Hammer Can't Touch This
    • Major T Keep the frequency clear
    • Maxx Get A Way
    • Odyssey Riding on a train
    • Party Nation Machine Gun
    • Playahitty The summer is magic
    • Ramirez Orgasmico
    • Real McCoy Automatic Lover
    • Real McCoy Run Away
    • Red 5 Da beat Goes
    • Red 5 Life me up
    • Rednex Cottoneye Joe
    • Robert Miles Children
    • Sash Encore une fois
    • Scatman John Scatman
    • Sequential One my love is hot
    • Shahin and Simon The Rebel
    • Shazam No Guarantee
    • Speedy J Pullover
    • TNN La Cucamarcha
    • Two Cowboys Everybody's gofin gon
    • Unit Move Your Body
    • Was not Was Walk the Dinosaur
  • Anime:
  • Comments: NEWS :
    The Full Video (Animix 1-5) is being distributed on bittorrent :
    Animix Full Video

    the tracker is on the following site :
    Anime Orion


    Hey Hey !
    This is the third part of the Animix project, and maybe my favourite so far !

    What can be said...if you still don't know this project you can look for parts 1 and 2's descriptions, but the download link for all parts put together is here ^^

    Basically Animix is a multicreator amv project, with a Dance Megamix... but each song last less than 30 seconds !

    The real advantage of this third part is that most of the participants have seen part 1 before making their video. They know what works and what doesn't. Therefore the video sticks to the beat and has a really good pace, maybe even better than in the first two parts !
    There are some really good sequences in this third part, I let you see them by yourself.

    Participants :

    Brian Auxier (OtakuForLife)
    Ryan Muise (Phoeptar)
    Delphine Dussy (DussyDelf)
    josh arnold (saeth1)
    Honore' Reid (Rei)
    Corey Hull (RockX2)
    Stephen Hutchinson (Qyt27)
    Justin Goetschius (MajinZero)
    Enrico Di Franco (Pepsiman)
    Stefan Meyer (Momiji)
    Isaac Fischer (Sephiroth)
    Chris Schmitt (SeeD Tien)
    Nicolas Scius (nicotaku - sciusn)
    Eji Yared (Eji)
    Dan Orlowitz (DOKool - Third Lens Open Productions)
    Danny Jun (BurnToast)
    Hikari Tao (Hikari)
    Christy Doles (LadyDX)
    Isabelle Vial (Aya)
    James Llewellyn (Jebadia)

    The videos where compiled by Shiryu23 and Erwan Queffelec (WilLoW :--))
    Thanks to BigDude, Ambroise confetti, and Stephan Teusch (JCD) for the help they provided.

    The local version contains only part 3 of the project, at a VERY VERY LOW QUALITY, owing to the 100MB restriction for the file (yeah, 100MB for 13 minutes...). But it contains an "extra" bonus. The ending credits are a beautiful 3D sequence made by Kris, who also made the ending credits for part 1 of the project. So I think it's worth downoading it even if you have seen the version with animix123.
    Please don't be too hard when judging the video quality of this local version ;)

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