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  • Member: hackerzc
  • Studio: WestWare
  • Title: Slide Away
  • Premiered: 2003-11-01
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    • Michael Hutchence feat. Bono Slide Away
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  • Comments: WHY
    I was bored one day, so I decided to start this video to keep in practice. If I don't use premiere and After Effects every now and then I will forget how to do stuff.

    when I started out I told myself I wasn't going to use any fancy effects. It's amazing how things never happen the way you plan.

    I used the audio as my blueprint. I tried using background noises to help me define how I would edit and the type of effects I would use. This is very evident in the beginning of the video.
    As you watch, you will notice how the effects seem to taper off as time goes by, then they make a quick appearance towards the end.

    I am not use to making this sort of video (as I have never done it before), so I was making it up as I went a long. This was supposed to be a personal thing, so I did not care if anyone outside of the intended audience liked it or not, so I did not pay much attention to making it flashy and eye catching. Sure it has some moderate effects in it, but only because I felt that they fit. That's the reason why there is a lack of effects in the middle. I honestly did not believe they were needed.

    Also, I relied heavily on the lyrics in scene selection. This was very difficult to do for some reason. About half way through completion I discovered that I did not have enough source material to adequately fill the entire length of the song, so I had to cut the song to what I felt I could create good visuals for.

    As I stated earlier, I wanted to be serious and expressive of thoughts and emotions without being sappy. The song wasn't really sappy (some parts are slow, but nothing major), in fact it was very energetic, so I wanted to keep in line with that.
    You will notice that in the beginning It builds to the big bang, fades off, then comes back for another bang in the end. I really liked the way everything flowed to spite the editing of the music I did.

    One last note. If you pay attention you will notice how towards the end of the video, there are parts that go slightly out of sync with the video. Upon further investigation you will also discover that just as you are noticing the difference, everything is in sync again. I did this intentionally in an attempt to make the audience feel like there is something wrong. But just as they figure out the problem, everything is fine again, and it confuses you. I am only pointing this item out because when I showed this to a friend, he thought I had messed up my sync, So perhaps I was not being subtle enough.

    If anyone has any specific questions about anything please email me. I welcome any and all comments and questions.

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