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  • Member: JSE
  • Studio: Jimbo Studios Entertainment
  • Title: Scatman Spike
  • Premiered: 2002-07-17
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  • Song:
    • Scatman John Scatman
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  • Comments: Scatman Spike versions 1 & 2
    production notes

    The original was created on the.. 17th? Of July 2002. (The day after JSE day). It had been a year since JSE had been started and we had no video. So what better day to make a video than the aniversary? Well, there was a mess concerning non-existant output plugs on any available VCRs and they had been our only hope. Thankfully, we were able to get a highly functional S-VHS VCR with output gallor. With limited time and concentration we recorded the opening of Cowboy Bebop and meant to record other clips with characters dancing about so we could set them to Scatman. Well, when we put Scatman and the opening together the results were disturbing. It was timed almost perfectly. So we saved it and were happy. A couple days later I put an intro to it (an opening to an opening you might say.. kind of makes it sound silly) and then I put it up for downloading on WinMX.
    Months passed and I loved it and hated it at the same time. It's now Christmas break and I had said I would redo the Hotel Cowboy Bebop video with the super-neato footage from our DVDs. I've been thinking about it. We're still working on wiring for capturing DVDs (which I won't get into). But I still had the tape with a few episodes on it (the tape I'd used to make the Hotel Cowboy Bebop video. The problem before had been that I took a shortcut in capturing and the footage ended up squished together no matter what I did. This displeased me greatly.) So when Hotel California came on my Winamp playlist I wondered what the video looked like with our new processor (350MHz to 2.4GHz). Alas, it was worse than before. Then I got worried about the others and played them all to see if even the good ones were actually terrible and I never knew it. Fortunately, if there was any change only I noticed it and the change was ok. I started thinking to myself that the Scatman video (being the very first AMV) deserved better.
    Everything was hooked up, programs were re-installed, things went wrong and were then fixed after a loud growl or two. I got the footage, made the intro to it with the logo and stuff (the original was pre-logo) and here I am writing this, wishing that I could connect to the internet (the computer simply refuses to acknowledge the modem's existance) so I could register online to get Vido Factory to let me render the video in MPEG-1 format! Anything else seems like it'd be a waste of time. I'd just have to do it over again. So the video's technically done. W00T! It's taken a couple hours and so it's now 1:40 in the AM. I think I'll make it to the couch before I conk out. ~_@

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