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  • Member: JSE
  • Studio: Jimbo Studios Entertainment
  • Title: The Fresh Maker
  • Premiered: 2002-11-27
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  • Song:
    • Mentos The Freshmaker (Commercial)
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  • Comments: The FF8 Mentos Ads
    production notes

    It all started early last January when I watched Zell's intro where he's showing off him martial arts skills followed by his mentos-esque pose at the end. I got a big kick out of that but I soon forgot about it anyway. Later in the school year a friend (Evan) and I were talking, most likely about anime/game spoof-ads, and he said he'd seen one with a screencap of Zell holding a stick of mentos. Thus the spark of idea came and went again. Into the subconcious it goes!
    So last night when I suddenly got the urge to download commercials, hoping to find a copy of "the colors, Duke! The COLORS!!" to no avail, I found a copy of the mentos theme. Unfortunately it cut off the 'ker' from 'maker'. ... So I tried again, got a better copy, deleted the first try, and went looking for my old FF8 video files.
    I was in the middle of the Zell one when I relized that the clip of Seifer fishing worked perfectly too. So I paused the Zell vid, cleared out all the scraps of extra footage floating around, and rendered the Seifer vid. That was the easy one. No editing needed unless you count cropping it from the video of the ending of the game.
    Back to the Zell version. Ai. I had the last bit, that was easy. Everything else needed some good old-fashioned inginuity. It took a wopping 20-30 minutes. Long time, ne? *chuckle* So now they're both done and I'm proud of my new creations. Yay! Now go and enjoy the vids!

    I'd like to thank Sonic Foundary for creating Video Factory 2.0 and the maker(s) of Virtual Dub. Also, the mentos people, the person who captured the audio clip and put it on WinMX to download, Squaresoft for the Final Fantasy series and the person who captured the clips and put them on the net. I just plugged it all together and am taking credit for the result. Doesn't -that- make me look good. ^-^;

    Just so you know in case you don't already, mentos is a candy that's usually mint flavored (sometime fruit flavored) and the commercials have been aired since the 80's. Or at least they look it. -Very- corny. But I guess it's comforting to know that some things will never change.

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