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  • Member: HurQlez03
  • Studio: HurQlez Productions
  • Title: Get Up and Die
  • Premiered: 2003-10-28
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    • Motorgrater Down
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  • Comments: -------------Awards------------------
    --2nd Annual Majin Video Awards--
    **WINNER-Best Action**
    **NOMINATED-Video of the Year**
    **NOMINATED-Best Editing**

    --Katsucon 10 (Winter 2004, Fairfax,VA)--
    ***NOMINATED- Best Action**

    --Fanimecon (Summer 2004, San Jose, CA)--
    **WINNER-Best Action Vid (Judge's Choice)**

    --Animethon 11 (Summer 2004, Alberta, Canada)--

    --AnimeEvolution (Summer 2004, Vancouver, BC, Canada)--

    All right everybody, I am now here to present my fourth video and probably the most original than before. This is the first time I have used an anime that is not Neon Genesis Evangelion, and I have truly used a song never used before (preferably in musical artist terms).

    In this video I have used Hellsing and based it entirely on the main character Alucard. Here I used a loose story where 2/3 of the lyrics are matched. I decided not to use all of the scenes where Alucard unleashes his demon self until the bridge section. That way it makes a great build up. Also the beats were taken into effect here either by quick scene changes or black/white spaces that equal the beat of the music. There is in fact one piece in this AMV where I used one a image of Alucard shouting with his head tilted and one eye lit up, took that one frame image, copied it, flipped it, repeated the two frames, and created an original face of evil. That was so good that I used it again later in the AMV.

    I first saw the anime Hellsing when I was listening to this song that I heard from the Headbanger's Ball Double CD. The song wasn't too heavy for my liking but it was heavy enough to go with the anime. The song had everything, a steady intro, a different second verse, a build up bridge with a quick breakdown, and a sudden stop in the end.

    As for the bumpers, for the intro I could have just done a silent intro with the words but I thought that would stall the feel for the video so I used a song to get people ready. And just like my last video I made the credits just like a movie. And since this was more of a horror movie, I made it like the ending of blade with the credits coming during mid action. I used a quick credts song with a image of Alucard pointing a gun at you, gives you a smile and shoots. Right then the red credits begin.

    So that is what I have to offer for you people I actually love this one more than any other video because it was so different. Enjoy everybody. And please leave an opinion. Thank You


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