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  • Member: Bote
  • Title: Wind of change
  • Premiered: 2003-10-27
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    • Scorpions Wind of Change
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  • Comments: Well, it's my personal favourite out of all DBZ videos I made and it's a pretty different approch than most of the ones on the site. Oh, my description sucks, but I don't plan to change it in order to remind myself how big of an idiot I was and still am. :O


    This is my second video (but you will not recognize that ).The quality and timing are great.The theme of the video is relation between Goku&Vegeta and their families.The first part of the video is
    an introduction of Goku&Vegeta(but most of you probably know who they are) and then their families.Afterwards there are parts of their life which they shared together.The first fight between them, the fights they got through together and of course the changes in their life.The greatest changes in their life are of when they turn SSJ and when their children are born.So,"the children of tomorrow" are Little Trunks&Goten.And, when the lyrics "where the children of tomorrow dream away(share their dream)" appear ,the clips where Trunks&Goten are with their fathers appear also.The middle ,solo-guitar acord,is reserved for the fight Majin Vegeta vs Gokuand the end is reserved for all the fusions that they did(Vegetto,Gogeta SSJ and Gogeta SSJ4).But, there are also the fusions between Goten&Trunks(but not in the end).
    I worked for 1,5 month on this one and I think it fell out great.I used many,many different clips
    so if anyone didn't watch DBZ he will get a pretty good idea about it.Most of the clips are DVD ripped.I would especially like to thank Veggie for providing me most of them.The DVD ripped clips
    I made are from movies 7,12 and 13.All others are from or sent to me
    by Veggie. For now the video is in .rm format, but I will do my best to make a higher quality version soon.Until then here are the facts about the video:

    -RM format,520kbs
    -320X240 resolution
    -Filesize 17.9Mb

    If you like the video submit an opinion or send me an e-mail:

    P.S:I would also like to THANK my friend Dex for helping me with the upload.

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