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  • Member: -kari-
  • Studio: -|Next Twilight Studios|-
  • Title: -Kingdom Fortuna-
  • Premiered: 2003-10-22
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    • Carl Orff Oh Fortuna (Techno Remix)
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  • Comments: Created over the course of my 2003 spring break, this video was really fun and difficult to make. I spent a whole day just playing through the game and capturing the footage, but about halfway through the making of the video I found that I had run out of all of my good clips, and ended up eating up time with clips that weren't all that great for the rest of the video.

    I played around with some effects in Premiere, but most of the video is just straight editing. Vwa-la! I entered this into the Ojai Film Society contest along with 73 other video-makers, and this was one of the 24 selecting for showing. yay!

    I don't pride myself on being able to do those neat, fast-paced videos or anything, but I don't think this one turned out too bad. Enjoy!

    Okay folks, time to set the record straight about this song. Firstly, the orchestral piece Carmina Burana was composed by Carl Orff. The techno remix version used in this video was adapted from Orff's work by Nick Skitz, who then aptly named it "Excalibur". The shortened version of the remix was cropped by Sam Farha, and also used used in his video, which can be seen here. If you want it, go look for it; I will not send it to you.


    I know the quality in this video isn't great, and I blame that on my not knowing enough about my capture card and Premiere to have fixed that problem. But! I have plans for a remake, this time with MUCH higher quality footage, better timing, effects, etc. I also have future plans for mixing this with another Carmina Barana piece for a Kingdom Hearts 2 video with an introduction of Kingdom Hearts 1...sound cool? I hope so.

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