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  • Member: MeriC
  • Studio: Temple O' Trunks
  • Title: These Girls Are Crazy (Spike's Valuable Life Lessons)
  • Premiered: 2001-08-22
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    • New Found Glory Boy Crazy
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  • Comments: ** go here to download the re-make of this video: **

    Title: These Girls are Crazy (Spike's Valuable Life Lessons)
    Anime: Cowboy Bebop
    Song: "Boy Crazy"
    Band: New Found Glory
    Length: 3:30
    Size: 44 M (MPG)
    Bitrate: 1500
    Codec: Ligos Indeo 5.11
    Time Spent: Spent most time finding and recording footage. 10 hours or so. Time spent on actual video: Many hours over the course of a week.

    In the last month, I've gotten a new computer, and my very own DVD player. The first music video I made using the two of these is this here thing! Since the only kind of Cowboy Bebop music videos I've ever seen have been serious ones (for the most part. Tainted Dounuts would be the exception), I knew I wanted to do something fun. Originally, I wanted to make a video all about Ed. Unfortanately, I had no idea what song to use. But, one day I was in my car, listening to my New Found Glory CD. The song "Boy Crazy" played, and suddenly, I felt the urge to use that as my song, however, I'd make the video about both Ed and Faye.

    So, with that said, here is the story of this video. It's narrated by Spike (with some help from Jet). His situation is that basically, he's always surrounded by totally insane women. The first part of the video focuses on Faye, while the second part is all about Ed. Towards the end, it shows both of the gals just doing nutty things.

    There was one new thing I did in this music video that I haven't done in any of my previous work. For a fun video, I wanted to have fun transitions, to show that the story is shifting focus from one female to another. I didn't want to use cheesy effects, but I did want to do something fun. So, what I did was I "pushed" the scene along. Ahh...I guess it'll make sense when you see it. I had fun with it, and I hope it doesn't look bad.

    I'm darn happy with the end result of this video. I think it was a great first project on my new computer, and working with the DVDs was great. This is one of my new favorites, up there with my "Again" and "Traces of Insanity" videos. I really hope you like this video. It was fun to make. I usually get pissy and irratable when I'm working on a music video, and I think people who know me can safely say that I was in a good mood when making this. I hope it shows! Please feel free to write me an opinion of the video sometime, too. Anyway, enjoy!!

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