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  • Member: Shun
  • Studio: CrumpledPaper
  • Title: Intergalatic Kenshin
  • Premiered: 2003-10-21
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  • Song:
    • Beastie Boys Intergalactic
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Well this is my first completed video and i gave it my 120% and completed with no spoilers! :)

    Concept :

    I have no idea, i kept hearing the song over and over again to the point where i was considering the video to be just a joke not actually one i would make. Then as the idea expanded in my head i kind of grew on it and started picking out scenes. There is not actual concept, while some of the lyrics are matched as best as i possibly could to the anime, anyone who has heard the song knows its almost impossible to match them all. :P

    Audio/Video :

    I have no idea why i decided the make this video let alone make it as my first. A technoish robotic song to samurais may seem wierd to the common person, but in is. Also following the concept of no spoilers i cut off the final fight in the video by moving up the "record scratching" and ending the song earlier.

    Synch :

    The one thing i believe the video really shows. I was getting tired of watching everyone elses first videos come out with just tossed together scenes ( No offense to any other creators ) so i decided to try and make the synch the strong point.

    Effects :

    I actually had big ideas for effects seeing as how the song would of worked incredibly well with them. However being a noobie and not knowing half of them was kind of a handicap so i decided to resort to simple crossfades.

    Lip Synch :

    Only intentional in the beggining with Kenshin and closer to the middle with Sano and pretty much strictly made for the humorous side.. Any others, while some of the words fit were not intentional.

    Other Techinal Mumbo Jumbo !

    Episodes used : 1, 5, 28, 30, 20, 46 , 48, 54, 56, 59.

    Programs Used :

    Premiere 6.0 (Editing)
    Notepad ( AVS script )
    VirtualDub (Export)

    Special Thanks!

    DWChang : Helped me out through out the process of making it with various things including effect and simple uses in premiere questions.

    Karn : Kept me motivated throughout the whole thing and made sure that i didnt slack off :P

    Covenant : Helped me out by viewing the first half of the video and making suggestions.

    Also, a copy of Arigatomyna of course, anyone who leaves an opionion can expect one in return. :)

    Thanks everyone and Enjoy! :)

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