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  • Member: mikestrife
  • Studio: Blurry Line Media
  • Title: Naruto - Somewhere I Belong
  • Premiered: 2003-10-20
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    • Linkin Park Somewhere I Belong
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  • Comments: This video I spent alot of time on. I was planing on entering it into the Anime North 2004 comp, but when I finished I realized it just wasn't winning material. I still consider it to be a great accomplishment.

    I really REALLY like Naruto. I think it's one of the best anime's in a long time. There's tons of character development in the series. Unfortunantly for AMV's there's also alot of action in the series. I searched around for a good AMV but couldn't find ANY. All of the ones I downloaded were mostly music with random clips overtop and no real message. I really wanted to make a AMV that showed the characters and their need to belong. The song I though fit this really well.

    For anyone that hasn't seen Naruto, it's a show about a group of kids training to be ninjas. The main character Naruto is a reborn demon fox, and everyone in the village hates and ignores him. He feels alone and as the show goes on you realize all the characters feel the same way. That's why I thought this song fit the video so much.

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