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  • Member: Voices_Of_Ryan
  • Studio: Racer X Productions
  • Title: Can't Stop Dreamin' Of You!
  • Premiered: 2003-10-20
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  • Song:
    • Feeder Forget About Tomorrow
  • Anime:
  • Comments: One day while looking around I see a dvd laying on my bed, just... sorta there (ya know, not doing anything, just... there).
    So I picked up the dvd and I looked at it, and low and behold, it was a movie I had forgotten about YEARS ago (I bought it when i first got my dvd player back in like... 99') Macross the movie: 2, so I go threw the motions, I know I love the anime, but... the footage is pretty old and the company that put out the dvd didnt exactly do a bang-up job on the source footage, but hey...

    What the hell right (cant mess it up more than it already is)?

    So I throw the dvd into my rom, burn it off onto my computer, and go threw like tons of cd's... finding nothing. nothing at all to go with this damn anime (well there WAS stuff, but I mean, it had been done before, and I didn't really feel like doing a punk "rawk" video at the moment). Untill I stumbled accross my American Wedding sound track (sequal to the american pie movies for those who DON'T know) and on track 12, I find this excellent band named feeder..

    So I look up shit about them and find pretty much nothing, my friend, being the super cool guy he is, loaned me a few of the cd's he had (one happened to be the feeder cd :P) and eventually I ran accross this track "Forget About Tomorrow" and after a quick search on the org, only finding one or two videos with feeder in them, I figured I might as well do it :D.

    So working non-stop after a month here I am releasing this,

    I've actually worked on this since just before finishing my other video "to-treasure" and it's amazing that it ended so much better than that video, it kinda just shocked the hell outta me (I guess you really DO learn more over time eh?),

    I had put (over the last month) so much more work into this video than anything else I've ever done (related to amv's, respectivly) that I guess it was only natural that it was also going to turn out way better than anything I had ever done before.

    The effects where actually someting I didnt want to over do, but they where something that I REALLY wanted to do (for the experience, and for the emotion of the video), I felt that, maybe adding certain effects in certain places would perhaps heightin' the atmosphere of love, and dispair.

    I spent about 40% of the overall video time on planning out effects, and putting them in places, this is my first attempt with effects, so I had no clue what I was getting into at all.

    It was certainly not what I expected the effects to turn out as, but I think they worked alot better than I could have imagined in the first place, see what you think.

    I did an AVI only version of the video, and it's sitting on my computer, the problem is, it's 114MB's, and I don't think my server can take THAT much stress (and the org's only allows for a 100mb max upload) so PLEASE do NOT deduct too many points for the mpeg conversion, if you would like to get the avi version, you can email me or something and I'll send it to you.

    Anyway, check it out, I can't guarentte it's the best amv in the universe... But I cant say that it's easily my best, by far, and any opinion's would be greatly apperciated :D.

    A small note from the editor/Creator of this video (meaning me :D): This video is dedicated to a girl I've loved for so long it's not even funny, and as it seems, she may no longer love me, I'm not to sure dedicating it to her may be a smart idea.. But.. I'm still going to do it, because... in the end, Love is all you have.

    Jacob "Nemoxs" R. V

    Tech stuff,
    550MHZ AMD,
    10GB Hard Drive
    Macross 2 Lovers again DVD
    Adobe Premiere 6.0
    Feeder Compact disc
    Virtual Dub 1.4.01
    Dvd Decrypter

    Special thanks to,
    Absolut3destiny (for encouraging me to keep working on it)
    SSJVegita0609 (For helping me out, and beta testing)
    DcdeveloperX (For beta testing, and not killing me)
    Marytza (for reasons)
    Beowulf "Speakism" (For encouraging me) - Mpeg Hosting - Mpeg/Profile Hosting

    Special note: For those of you that want to download directly, since my server is being a pain right now, I named the file with the extension .MP, when it's fully downloaded, just change it to .MPG, and you'll be good to go.

    Most of you know how to change file extensions, if you dont... download off the local please ^_^, but the direct IS faster if you know how to simply put a G in the extension.

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