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  • Member: WilLoW :--)
  • Studio: Atvaark
  • Title: Shiryu's Birthday - Serial Experiments (in video Editing ??)
  • Premiered: 2003-10-18
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    • U2 Elevation
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  • Comments: It was one more boring sunday...
    I received an email from Shiryu23's girlfriend, telling that his birthday was coming

    Shiryu23 is the webmaster of one of the most famous french amv websites : and he's also a good friend :)

    And he happens to like U2...
    So guess what was the idea ? All the amv creators who wanted to make a present had to make an AMV with some music from U2...

    we had 9 days ...
    9 days to make the amv, and this amount of time included the compilation of the final 50 minutes video.

    I usually take 2 months to make a video...
    I am not U2's best fan...

    I had no idea...
    I was watching AWA VAT Breakdown Techno Rave, and the idea made me laugh... and then the idea came to my mind...
    My amv would be about me having troubles making an AMV in 9 days...

    I know...
    this idea sucks because it's totally unoriginal...
    So unoriginal that when I finished it and shown it to a friend he said "You'd better hope that Shiryu23 doesn't know BigBigTruck's Failed experiments..."
    Great...I didn't even think of Elizabeth's video whenI did mine, but it was true...this made me laugh, therefore I put a reference to BBT's video in the title, but I swear it didn't came to my mind when I did this video.
    The inspiration sources of this video where AWA VAT Breakdown Techno Rave, A total waste of 6'35, and Vicbond007's DDR2 video...

    Ok, what else...Shiryu is French, so all the texts were originally in french, but I compiled a video with english gentle, they might be not well centered, they've been made in a hurry, the french video is a bit better for that.

    About the quality : You'll see that some of my footage is crappy...bad me.
    Trigun and Porco Rosso are old DivX encodes that were made from the DVD's, that unfortunately belong to friends of mine that weren't here at this moment...
    Slayers, Read or Die, Metropolis, Memories, Jungle wa itsumo are from downloaded footage...
    Shame on me :|

    I also made the intro and ending credits for the whole project...these are not AMVs, so you won't find them here, there available on our website (in French, but these two videos suck, so it doesn't matter in fact...)
    The coordinator of this project was AigleRoyal. And everything went fine in the end. Shiryu is watching the video with a group of friends at the moment, and I hope he'll like it (I'm myself downloading the whole 50 minutes video while typing these notes)

    The direct link goes to the english video.
    You can find the original video (french texts) with the indirect link.

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