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  • Member: MistyCaldwell
  • Studio: AniVasion
  • Title: Time's Medley
  • Premiered: 2003-10-16
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  • Song:
    • Chrono Cross OST Scars Left By Time
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    I love this song!!! I was watching an old Otakon screening tape and came across the song...I had never played Chrono Cross, even though Chrono Trigger was my all time favorite RPG. Thus I had never heard the song.

    Second, I love Fushigi Yuugi. Going to Otakon always gets me into the amv mood...and this amv has been with me for over a month. I just didn't have time to make it.

    Time's Medley is because even though the Fusigi Yuugi characters come from the book world, it seems to me they are just using a portal (the book) to transverse time and dimensions. I'd like to believe that since it makes the 'book' world more real and the story more profound.

    The song is Time's Scar. Time explained already, the medly is for the song. It's all instrumental and just beautiful.

    This video is also my first with TASUKI in it!!!! *Swoooooooon* In case you didn't know (who have I told anyway ^_~) Tasuki is the star of my Otakon entry for next year. It's about time someone made a tribute to him anyway...:)

    I'd have to say this is my second favorite of all my amvs. I'm pretty proud of it for technical points and yet it keeps to my favorite drama stylings.

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