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  • Member: Geirr
  • Title: Yoko Nakajima is ELISABETH
  • Premiered: 2003-10-10
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    • ELISABETH - Movie trailer Movie Music (Dead Can Dance) Dialogue & Narrator
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  • Comments: "Elisabeth" was played by Cate Blanchett as a determined, redheaded youth ascending the throne against major odds and significant political intrigue. Given some parallels to "Juuni Kokki," (Twelve Kingdoms) then, off we go with this theatrical trailer project. Enjoy!

    Some of the background music is from a work called "Summoning of the Muse," by Dead Can Dance, released in 1987.

    Technical Stuff: I know, I know, the DVDs aren't all out yet, so I had to crop , resize and (attempt to) sharpen most of the secondary-source video clips. Most of this was done in Virtual Dub and VideoMach. Maybe I will go back & re-master this another time once all the DVDs are out. Meanwhile, here it is. Not stunningly sharp video, but then again it wouldn't have been out of place say, by the standards of around 2-3 yrs ago. So, set the way-backmachine** about two notches back.

    (** Now, -there's- an old cartoon reference, ne?)

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