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  • Member: Alanna
  • Title: Feed the Tree
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    • Belly Feed the Tree
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  • Comments: Well, what with the slew of X:1999 videos I've seen lately, and the fact that the X OAVs are in production right now, I decided to be a little different and use footage from the backstory. Tokyo Babylon-the-manga goes a long way to explaining the backstory of Subaru and Seishirou, and Tokyo Babylon-the-anime, for the most part, completely fails at conveying it. Oh, well. ^_^

    This video was made with footage ripped directly from the Tokyo Babylon OAV DVDs, and edited in Premiere 6.0. All work was done on my Mac G4 (which, due to the fact that it's also the webserver, took bloody *forever* to rip & encode the DVDs). I tried to stay with simple cuts and extended clips, to fit the simplicity of the series itself. I'm particularly proud of the second chorus, which is pieced together from all over the place -- particularly the white spirit-birds. That was originally two clips from separate episodes!

    The song is so absolutely perfect for the manga that I wouldn't be surprised to find that the songwriter is a secret fan.

    (This video is in final edit)

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