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  • Member: Tom the Fish
  • Studio: Three Lonely Kaiju
  • Title: Speak My Language
  • Premiered: 2003-10-10
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  • Song:
    • Laurie Anderson Speak My Language
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  • Comments: After re-watching Fallen Angels, I was reminded of my want to create a video to a Laurie Anderson song. I had always thought my first Laurie Anderson project would be with Strange Angels, but instead I turned to Speak My Language off her Bright Red album.

    Serial Experiment Lain seemed the best choice for such a tense song. This turned out to be the most difficult video I've ever made. I probably was lucky to have finised 2 seconds of footage a day at times. This has been the longest turn-around time from start to finish of a video I've done yet, with slightly over two months being the finish time.

    I'm a bit dissappointed at myself for choosing the song title as the video title, but since it's about the differences of truth and belief (or the lack of differences), I figured that fit best.

    As with every MPEG1 I encode, there's an audio skip around the three minute mark. For over a year, this has completely baffled me...


    Best Drama: Anime USA 2003

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