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  • Member: Empress Venua
  • Title: Artistic Suicide - Miyazawa is Weird
  • Premiered: 2004-01-30
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    • Linkin Park Papercut
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  • Comments: "When we meet outside like this, I realize all over again... Miyazawa is weird. Sure, I love her, and I think she's cute, but still, I've fallen in love with a very interesting person.

    "She's a selfish person. Her personality is twisted. And her thoughts are unpredictable. She's emotional and scary when she gets mad.

    "It's also amusing that, once in awhile, she seriously agonizes over the fact that she's weird..."

    -- Arima Souichirou, Kareshi Kanojyou no Jijyou (His and Her Circumstances)

    This video was made in an attempt to make something to a Linkin Park song without using random action footage from Dragon Ball Z, or any other shounen anime for that matter. In fact, Kare Kano couldn't be any further from being a shounen-action show.

    This is a parody/comedy/humor vid. It's meant to be, if not outright funny, then at least slightly amusing. You'll probaby get more out of it if you've actually seen the anime, but I think it does have its own value for those who haven't, as well. The video centers around Miyazawa Yukino, a highschool freshman with quite a personality complex.

    I spent a week on this video, much longer than I have spent on any other. I used Microsoft Videdit mostly, with VirtualDub for filtering, so this is very much an amatuer video, in the sense that it has almost no "special" effects but inverted colors, although I'd like to think the feel of it doesn't have 'newbie' written all over it. The timing on this video was the main reason it took so long, as I am somewhat of a perfectionist. XD

    Opinions are very much welcomed.

    Stats: 60.9MB, 3:26, XviD AVI

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