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  • Member: Gwench
  • Studio: *
  • Title: Speed Demons
  • Premiered: 2003-10-08
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    • Michael Jackson Speed Demon
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  • Comments: ***PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW ! THANKS :)***

    I made this AMV on Akira with only one idea : use the pursuit. I think it's the better moment of Akira. So I started looking for a music which could suit perfectly. And then, I remembered a passage of the movie with Michael Jackson (don't laugh, thanks ^^) : Moonwalker. There were a motorbike's pursuit on the song Speed Demon.

    So, I think this music is the best to illustrate the motorbike's pursuit of Akira. I tried to make more synchronizations than in my others AMV. To avoid some usleess loops, I cut the song in the end and made a fade-out to finish the AMV.

    I used footages from a rip of my own DVD. And, for the first time, I have made a good rip. ^^ So, I like really this AMV because I realized many efforts to make it pleasant to watch.

    I hope you'll enjoy. :)

    JAPAN EXPO 6th Impact, 2004, France : 47th on 54

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