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  • Member: Jebadia
  • Studio: Steak Slim Productions
  • Title: Matrix Revolutions Tv Spot: Control
  • Premiered: 2003-10-05
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    • Warner Bros./Village Roadshow Pictures The Matrix Revolutions TV Spot "Control"
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  • Comments: Before anything else I have to say "Yeah yeah I know the lipsynch sucked, eat me"

    Anywho, this is the 1st of 6 tv spots I'm gonna be doing using the Spriggan/Bebop movie combo.

    Of corse tv spots reuse scenes a lot of the that will also occure when I edit, to keep the tv spots together as if they belong to the same movie.

    I did this all in one I will probably with the rest, being that they're all 30 sec long.

    I plan to do Power next, then Help. Then I'll wait till the main site releases the other 3 and I'll do those.

    Of all the tv spots, I favor Control and Future, so you might find the most generous work out of those, than all the rest...but I'll do my best for all of them...they're short after all....can't be that lazy.

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