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  • Member: Kusoyaro
  • Studio: Kusoyaro Productions
  • Title: My Iron Lung
  • Premiered: 2001-09-22
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    • Radiohead My Iron Lung
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  • Comments: If you've seen FLCL, you know how crazy and silly it is. While watching it (unsubbed), I also noticed that it had some dark undertones to it...I wanted to distill those undertones and make a dark, serious video. I knew the song had to be something special to really capture the feel I was going for, though. Bjork was the first artist that popped into my head; she flits between darkness and silliness at the drop of dime. I couldn't find any songs with the right energy, however.

    Finally I decided on Radiohead, the best band that is still active today, IMHO. When I chose "My Iron Lung", a lot of eyebrows were raised, and people doubted that it would work. I chose the song because I like the way it starts out really slowly, then builds and builds until it finally explodes into a whirlwind of sound. With this song, I knew I could juxtapose the dark, slow scenes that I wanted with the zany action scenes. An alternate title for this video would probably be "Teen Angst on Acid." My best editing by far, IMHO.

    While making this video I briefly toyed with the idea of making a Radiohead-FLCL trilogy, using "My Iron Lung," "Just," and "Trans-Atlantic Drawl." I've since abandoned the idea of using "Just" (even though it fits perfectly), though i might still do a short video to "Trans-Atlantic Drawl."

    I did NOT want to cut this song. Originally I wasn't going to...after working on it a bit, I decided to cut out the solo. Then once I started editing the action segments, I realized how quickly I was burning up action footage. I was then forced to cut out an entire verse. It was a painful decision.

    Winner of Best Editing at AWA 7 Pro.

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