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  • Member: gambitt
  • Studio: Nightowl Pictures
  • Title: DDR Project 4th Mix Track 6: Leading Cyber (Macross Plus)
  • Premiered: 2003-09-25
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  • Song:
    • DJ Taka Leading Cyber
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  • Comments: **NOTE: There is no point to this video. It's made for fun, for the DDR Project 4th Mix.**

    This is my second contribution to the DDR Project, this year I used Macross Plus to Track 6, Leading Cyber. I chose the song for three reasons: 1. The announcer isn't in much of the song, 2. There's barely any lyrics that I wouldn't have to edit to, 3. All the other tracks I wanted had "boo'ing" all over it. I request no BOO's!

    The main focus of this video was to make it as colorful and seizure-inducing as possible. This is mostly reflected in the middle of the video which used all of the Sharon Apple concert. In case you think my editing is screwed up, you should see the actual source. The concert itself is one huge acid trip. There was also this big discussion over usage of DDR arrows. I decided to ignore all that and abuse the arrows as much as I possibly could. I wasn't content with ripping the arrows from the game, so instead I made them myself in Adobe Illustrator and animated them in After Effects. I also traced over a picture of the Macross and Sharon apple for the line-art effect you see right in the beginning. For the section of the video featuring the Sharon Apple concert, only Premiere was used for the color correction and editing. After Effects was only used as general clean-up. The entire last section was more than 30 nested composites combined to bring the footage into the arrows, whcih proved to be an interesting effect.

    Color Correcting the footage was a giant pain mostly because the souce video (from Manga Entertainment) sucks hard. There were rainbows EVERYWHERE, and instead of wasting the time to get rid of them, I modded the footage to be even more colorful than it original is.

    If there are any Sharon Apple/Macross Plus fanboys out there, this video is for you. See you next year!

    General Statistics:
    Days to construct: 6.
    Programs used: Illusion, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects (featuring filters from Trapcode and Boris)
    Naked Sharon Apple scenes: 1.

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