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  • Member: lvcarter
  • Studio: Carter-Johnson Productions
  • Title: I Always Thought I'd See You Again
  • Premiered: 2003-10-02
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    • Tiffany I Always Thought I'd See You Again
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  • Comments: This is the second AMV I've made, and so far the only one where I used footage from an actual anime series. I wanted to make this AMV because I noticed Lost Universe (the anime this is based on) wasn't well known and also because there were no good AMVs of it at the time. Unfortunately, because of evil things known as jobs and homework I never had much free time to work on my project so it went on hiatus for about a year when I was only 50% finished. Yay, it's finally done!

    This one isn't as good as my first because timing was difficult due to a lack of appropriate scenes. I did try to make subtitles fit the theme when I could, but for the most part they should just be ignored. The AMV may give you the wrong idea of what the anime was all about, but many facets are pertinent to the original storyline. Lost Universe is more of a serious action-oriented anime than the AMV suggests.

    The song is about relationships that have ended unexpectedly and as a result, I tried to have the AMV revolve around situations like that in Lost Universe. I focused on the relationship between Kane and Millie, Canal and Kane (and to a lesser extent Millie), and Canal or Kane with his grandmother.

    To make this AMV I used Adobe Premiere, SoundForge, and VirtualDub. SoundForge was necessary to time the video and music sequences. VirtualDub was my preferred video editor due to how user-friendly it is. Adobe Premiere was necessary for ALL special effects (fade-ins, overlapping, etc.) and splicing the final video together.

    Hairness (once from Dalnet) provided me with the video footage, Jarrod Johnson helped me with the special effects in video editing and JC Amberlyn ( provided me with the last image in my video.

    This video DOES contain a spoiler near the end. The final scene, which is a freeze of Millie and Kane (provided by JC Amberlyn), though not in the anime, is indicative of the end of the series. The dress Millie is wearing in the picture is the same dress that she is wearing at the end of the last episode. I have a webpage for this AMV, and provide the full jpeg on that page.

    If you downloaded this video prior to October 22, 2003, then please download it again, as I have made corrections to the opening sequence. The song and title are actually "I Always Thought I'd See You Again".

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