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  • Member: Buggeroos
  • Title: Trust in Me
  • Premiered: 2003-10-01
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    • System of a Down Chop Suey
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  • Comments: Hello everyone! Yes, I know what you all must think: Chop Suey? Romance?! OK, well, it's sort of romance, well, maybe, okay not really, you kind of have to watch the video or know about Shaman King to understand.
    I watched Shaman King on the FOX BOX and I liked it, so I decided why not create a vid? I asked my friend about a song and she said: CHOP SUEY!!! So, I had a song. Unfortunately, I had a lack of video clips to supply me. I searched almost everywhere for about four days, and finally found episode clips for episodes 1-8. I wanted the whole series, which would make this process a lot more interesting of a video. With my Adobe Premiere down and the only thing (which I usually use) that is ALWAYS up, but ALWAYS crashes was Windows Movie Maker. I decided What the heck?! Why not? I starting creating about three weeks ago, and finally worked out the kinks, and here we are. An eight episode, low budget, bad quality, no effects vid! YAY! XD!!! Well, actually it might sound bad, but it turned out quite well to my happy surprise. Well, anyways, enough about me ranting about the vid, just WATCH THE VID AND LEAVE COMMENTS PLEASE!!!! Thank you.
    P.s. You don't have to know the lyrics for this one, it wouldn't make sense. Well, maybe it would be nice to know the lyrics, but it's not applicable with the video. Thanks everyone! ENJOY!

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