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  • Member: Lostboy
  • Title: AWA VAT Breakdown Techno Rave
  • Premiered: 2003-09-26
  • Category:
  • Songs:
    • Kris Kristofferson Hellacious Acres
    • Strong Bad The System is Down
  • Anime:
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  • Comments: Awards: AWA 9, 2003, Fan Favorite

    I created this video by drawing all the characters in a sketchbook, inking them, scanning them, coloring them in Photoshop, layering them in PSD documents, and then importing them into Final Cut Pro and animating them. I used the sparing animation style of some episodes of Kare Kano, borrowing some of their character design style in my caricatures as well.

    The characters are based on real people. The guy fixing the computers is Patrick Bohnet (aka Quu of DemonKitty Productions), who is the technical director of the AWA VAT (Anime Weekend Atlanta Video Art Track). The for freaking-out characters are Daric "Jingoro" Jackson, Brad DeMoss, Elizabeth "EK" Kirkendall, and myself (in the Seifer costume, my most perennial conventionwear). And the guy with the long hair and white t-shirt is M.C. (Matt) Wagner, administrative director of the VAT.

    The inspiration for this video was something that happened at AWA 6, when the VAT was new. On Friday night, the server housing all the videos went DOWN, and Patrick had to build a whole new server overnight to get the schedule back on track.

    When this premiered at AWA 9, it never failed to fool the crowds. it was shown at least 3 times that I personally witnessed, and every time, there was a big "Ohhhh!!" when the blue screen appeared, and a lot of laughter after that. The funniest effect was that the tech guy running the contest videotape was baffled and freaked out when it played in Main Events, because it was on a VHS tape. He was trying to figure out how he got a blue screen of death on a VCR.

    Also worth noting is the opening Lain sequence that "breaks down." That's actually a video that I was working on when I got the idea to make Breakdown. It'll probably premiere at next year's AWA. I used it as the interrupted opener because it represents reality. Because I had dropped Acres to make Breakdown, it is poignantly used as the interrupted video in the opening.

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