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  • Member: ANTDrakko
  • Studio: Seenage Inc.
  • Title: .hack//Path
  • Premiered: 2003-09-30
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    • Apocalyptica Path
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  • Comments: *Update 11-28-03*
    Holy Crap! I said Holy Crap! I actually won something!! w00t!!

    AnimeFury Studios
    "Best of Show - Shawn Lieske - .Hack//Path "

    AnimeUSA 5 Finalist
    Seenage Inc. - .Hack//Path

    SugoiCon 2003
    "Best Technical - Shawn Lieske - .hack//Path"


    Well hello once again, its been quite a while since I last made a video, and this one took me quite some time. I had lots of fun editing this video, and I learned a few new things along the way, mainly how to organize a video and piece it together as you go along. Now, onto the notes!

    First of all, I must confess something. My first intentions of this video was to test myself and see if I could produce a better video then Fluxmeister's "Souls of Rage and Sorrow", which is a spectacular video, might I add. Unfortunately, I feel as if I hadn't reached this goal, and am probably far from it, but I did learn quite a few things about video editing in doing so.

    Anywho, this video was produced by inspiration of Fluxmeister's AMV and my own fascination with .hack//sign. In turn, this video is pretty much a small, 3 minute summary of the series. The song of choice, Apocalyptica - Path , seemed to fit the anime quite nicely, as it reminded of a fantasy/medievil timeframe, hence .hack .

    This video contains MAJOR SPOILERS FOR .HACK//Sign .


    After a first few opinions and comments, I've realized that this video appeals more to people who have seen the anime before. So if you haven't seen .hack//sign , you probably won't get the most out of this video. Just thought I should mention that ^_^ .

    *Edit AGAIN*
    Once again, I believe that I should point out that this video is mainly for people who have SEEN .HACK//SIGN . The video is a summarization of the key points throughout the entire series.
    Just thought that should be mentioned again, so if the clips don't "make sense" to you, then you should read a review or summary of .hack//sign if you must understand this video, instead of lowering your opinion of it. Thank you.

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