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  • Member: Zarxrax
  • Studio: Anime-Fansubs
  • Title: NES Project Track 38 - TheStarMan
  • Premiered: 2003-09-29
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    • KKInsomniac TheStarMan
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  • Comments: This vid was just a spur of the moment kinda thing. There was a request at the last minute that more vids be created for NES Project, and for some reason I decided I would try making a 2nd one. I picked out this song that I thought was pretty cool, TheStarMan, and I decided that I would use Komugi with it. At first, my sole reasons for choosing Komugi was that it was cute and I really liked the show. But it soon became apparent what an excellant choice of an anime I had made. I worked on this amv relentlessly, spending every ounce of my free time on it. In all, I would estimate that I put about 50-55 hours into it over 2 weeks, then about 5 more hours over the course of another week. A very large ammount of this video was created in After Effects. Premiere was used solely for the cuts and fades. Of all my work so far, I think I can easily say that this is the best video I have ever created.
    An interesting tidbit about this video: Towards the end, After Effects was unable to render many of the frames, as my 512MB of memory wasn't enough for it. I had to add in an extra 512MB module just to complete this video!

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