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  • Member: MeriC
  • Studio: Temple O' Trunks
  • Title: Walkie Talkie: DDR Project 3, Track 19
  • Premiered: 2003-09-27
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    • King Kong & D Jungle Girls Walkie Talkie
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  • Comments: Here’s the quick, two-sentence description of this video: the song is called “Walkie Talkie.” Sana uses a walkie talkie in “Kodomo no Omocha.” If this description is good enough for you, go check out the video! If you would like to learn more about what you can find in this video, then please do continue reading!

    When it came time to pick tracks for the DDR3 Project, I really didn't know what track to go after. I had TONS of songs on the 4th Mix soundtrack that I loved ("Era," "Dream a Dream," ".59," among others), but I didn't have any *ideas* for those songs.

    One day, while listening to the DDR 4th Mix Nonstop Megamix in my car, I heard "Walkie Talkie," arguably one of the worst tracks on the entire CD. I thought "man, I feel bad for whoever gets stuck with this track. I mean, how is someone supposed to make a music video about a walkie talkie?" That's when it hit me: Kodocha.

    "Kodomo no Omocha" (or "Child's Toy") was one of the most insane animes I have ever seen. Plenty of funky behaviors from the main character lots of dancing... AND the main character, Sana, has a walkie talkie-like device that she uses to get in contact with her friends. She ALSO has another walkie talkie-like toy that she uses to sing with all time time.

    It was perfect. I wanted to be that poor sucker stuck with this track! I let Hsien (Kusoyaro Productions) know that this was my #1 pick for this project, and I got it!

    Now, for the video itself. Out of all the music videos I've ever made, this is my most "effects" intensive, although I did all of the effects in Photoshop, as opposed to the more advanced Adobe After Effects, which I have yet to learn. Main effects include Sana dancing on a DDR pad, a "cut out / pop out" effect (see the image on the left, above) used in the intro, Sana "moving" into one scene into another (also used during the intro), and a zoomed-in border effect with a colorful background (see the middle image, above) during the chorus.

    I hope that despite being done in Photoshop and frame-by-frame editing, the effects still look OK. These effects are just supplemental to the main focus of the video: dancing!

    The majority of this video is Sana dancing and singing to the music. The main challenge was trying to get her to move TO the music. Needless to say, that required quite a bit of editing. Since this IS a video for the DDR Project, I wanted it to be a little flashy, but mostly dancy and just plain fun. There is also a little bit of lip syncing, but not too much. Watch out for the Akito bird, though! Also be on the look out for my small tribute to Ian Roberts (AbsoluteDestiny). :P

    The opening of the video shows Sana having “a bad day” (as the announcer says), but then she perks up.

    Then I have a series of Sana “photos” used in the show that zoom in on a colorful background.

    Next up, Sana dancing on a DDR pad. Oohhh, that was fun to do!

    The next main section is the “cut out / pop out” effects area. I have a scene pause on a motion, cut out the background, and have the main image “pop out” with various layers of color. After these, the next scene “moves in,” almost always literally, such as Sana spinning on to the screen.

    The rest of the video is Sana dancing, or singing with her walkie talkie. Fun and corny-ness ensues!

    The video ends with the announcer saying, “I’m getting excited,” where I make a pretty bad joke. Sana kiss Rei, so… yeah… that speaks for itself. He then says “you’re hot,” so I show Sana on fire. After a few more dancing scenes the video ends by blending into the next song, and Sana storms down a hallway. The end!

    In the end, this is a fun, dancy, mild special effects video, and is now easily one of my favorite videos that I've ever made. Not bad for a song I can't stand. Actually... it started to grow on me. :)

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