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  • Member: MeriC
  • Studio: Temple O' Trunks
  • Title: The Slugfest Can Can - Version 2
  • Premiered: 2003-09-26
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    • Offenbach Can-Can
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  • Comments: This is a remake of a video I originally made in the summer of 2001. You can check out the old video description here:

    After Mike and I completed "Let Me Save You," I was dying to make a random, stupid, fun action video that would only take a few days. I just needed to vent. I then realized that I had been dying to remake "The Slugfest Can Can" for a few months. However, every time I tried to do so in the past, I'd run into weird technical problems.

    Since I was now capable of fixing odd technical issues, I went ahead and ripped the DVDs I needed for this video remake. Determined to improve upon the original, which was plagued with timing, motion, and scene problems, I began work on the video during the summer of 2003.

    I mainly made this video because the Piccolo vs. #17 fight is one of my favorites in DBZ. I just wanted to see the fight set to music since I'm a total weirdo. So yeah... this is another "I made this video for my own enjoyment" kind of things.

    Now here's a list of what's different in this version. First is the obvious use of DVD-ripped footage as opposed to the VHS-capture footage used in the original. Next, I used a lot of cross-dissolves here to make movement from scene to scene more fluid. I also used a different version of the "Can Can" in this version. It's faster, and was louder than the audio used in original edit of the video. Finally, the timing as a whole is more tightly edited.

    The video starts off with the "challenge" to Piccolo by #17. They then fly off to the battle ground, where they, in true DBZ fashion, stare each other down. Then, naturally, comes some powering up.

    After powering up, the fight begins, huzzah!

    The rest of the video is the "slugfest" with (hopefully) nicely timed up punches and hits to the music. I wanted this video to be all about action flow, so I hope it works!

    The video progresses with Piccolo sometimes gaining the upper hand, and #17 sometimes winning. It ends with a climax of hard, painful punches to the gut, followed by Piccolo landing a ki blast on #17 that blows up a good chunk of the island.

    Some things to note: this video may come off as "oh she just used one episode and didn't edit it at all." Such is not the case. I have a lot of episodes going back and forth between segments of action. I'm sure it looks like one big scene, but I can assure you that the three episodes that this fight covers are all very mixed up in this video.

    My fave part: Piccolo doing back-handsprings to the music. Just gotta love that.

    All in all, this video is just me having fun with editing and timing. I'm not out to revolutionize anything, I was just trying make a better version of an old video that I thought was decent. While this video doesn't have a story I'm trying to tell, it does have a flow, and consistency that I think can pass off as something anyone can follow, and maybe even like! I hope you have fun watching it, too!

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