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  • Member: VegettoEX
  • Title: 30-Seconds Funny
  • Premiered: 2003-09-29
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  • Songs:
    • Goldfinger Superman
    • Tony Hawk 3 Various SFX
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  • Comments: This video is basically the result of a terrible, terrible idea sitting in the back of my head for far too long while working on our AWA 9 (2003) video, and about half-an-hour's worth of editing.

    It's really, really stupid, and probably isn't even funny for the full thirty seconds. Regardless, my head was going to overflow unless I amused myself for a little bit by putting it together.

    There's an episode of "Kimagure Orange Road" where Madoka needs to skateboard to avenge a friend of hers from an old gang.

    Yeah, it's stupid. Which is why I made this video.

    The video is basically the entire scene of Madoka skateboarding, with the other girl she's competing with edited out. Add in some sound effects, an obvious music choice... boom, you've got yourself a really lame video.

    There's really nothing else to say about it. Watch, chuckle (hopefully), and close it. The end!


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