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  • Member: Red Wolf
  • Studio: Red Wolf Studio
  • Title: NES Project Track #12 - BIONICBMP OC Remix
  • Premiered: 2003-09-26
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  • Song:
    • d0d0 BIONICBMP OC Remix
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  • Comments: The NES Project ( was a project where multiple creators created AMVs based on remixes of original Nintendo video game soundtracks. The project
    premiered at AWA 9 (September 2003). This is my track from that project.

    I choose this song for two reasons. One, it is from one of my favorite NES games, Bionic Commando. Two, I knew I wouldn’t have to fight over it like the Mario and Final Fantasy tracks =) I listened to the song back and forth to work for several days and quickly picked up the pattern of the song. For some reason the idea of transformation stuck in my head and I started to match up transformation character with different part of the music. So I ended up creating an NES Project AMV that has no game footage and nothing to do with the original game. Just a nice dance mix featuring a lot of cute, transforming anime girls. This was one of the only NES Project videos to not even use a title screen from the original game, let alone the cool game sprites some other creators made good use of. Be sure to check out the rest of the project if you missed it at AWA. VCDs or DVDs of the entire project should be available soon from the NES Project.

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    The Local link is an MPEG-1 version. The Direct link is to a Xvid version.

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