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  • Member: LadyPeorth
  • Title: Silent Lies
  • Premiered: 2003-09-27
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    • Evanescence Lies
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  • Comments: I had the idea for this video for almost a year before I got a chance to make it. In that time I got a much better computer, learned a better way to get video footage, and also made two other videos (DDR3 Never Let You Down and Pledge of Love). Unfortunately, Evanescence also traded some of its members and its style to become popular. So R.I.P. ALOB (Amy Lee's Old Band).

    I'm hoping that although it helps to have seen Silent Mobius, it's not necessary to enjoy this video.

    I entered this video in AWA 9 Pro but while it wasn't there worst video, even I didn't nominate it. I think all the Pro videos were probably shown at the con at some point, but I'm really not sure.

    For some reason there were many difficulties in compressing this video. There are random pieces of green screen in this small size. Should you want a larger file without the glitches the best way to contact me is probably to leave a comment.
    Apparently a lot of people are having problems trying to view this video; I'm assuming everyone has the plug-in for mpeg2s so I can't really guess why it worked on my machine and not on other people's. If you want the full 1.76 gig version you can e-mail me at and we can figure out the best way for me to send it to you. Leaving a comment saying "it doesn't work on my computer" doesn't help you or me.

    Thanks to StealthVisions for helping me with this video.

    Lyrics (as written on liner notes):
    bound at every limb by my shackles of fear
    sealed with lies through so many tears
    lost from within, pursuing the end
    i fight for the chance to be lied to again

    you will never be strong enough
    you will never be good enough
    you were never conceived in love
    you will not rise above

    they'll never see
    i'll bever be
    i struggle on and on to feed this hunger
    burning deep inside of me

    but through my tears breaks a blinding light
    birthing a dawn to this endless night
    arms outstreched awaiting me
    an open embrace upon a bleeding tree

    rest in me and i'll comfort you
    i have lived and i died for you
    abide in me and i vow to you
    i will never forsake you

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