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  • Member: VicBond007
  • Studio: VicBond007 Productions
  • Title: Charcoal Sketched Dreams
  • Premiered: 2003-09-27
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    • Tane Tomoko Message #9
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  • Comments: 8 months ago, Aluminum Studios introduced me to a series called Haibane Renmei. I watched it, and I didn't like it.
    8 months ago, the Suburban Otaku Squad introduced me to a series called Gasaraki. I watched it, and I didn't like it.
    However, something clicked one day when I was listening to the theme from Gasaraki while in my car. The music was perfect for Haibane Renmei. It should have BEEN for Haibane Renmei. Every lyric was perfect, and everything worked in my head. It had to be done, and it had to be done my way...
    1 month later: "Damn...these HK DVDs suck more than usual, and it's been licensed so it's impossible to find raws online! Maybe I should just suck it up and buy the Region 2s even though I can't stand this show...I can always sell them afterwards. Lemme just check the prices..." *pulls up Haibane Renmei on*
    1 month + 2 hours later: *pulls self off floor* "Decission making time. I can use the HKDVDs, or I can demote myself to the three-ramen-a-day meal plan to pay for the R2s..."
    6 months, 1 week of skipped work, and 270 packages of ramen later: "Well, after all that, I still missed the AWA Pro deadline. Might as well throw it in masters."
    9/27/2003: My first AWA, me first shot at masters. I sit in the front row so the hundreds in attendance can get a good view of watching my sweat and roll around on the floor for three hours in anticipation of the announcement for the masters award.
    three hours, 2 heart attacks, and seven pounds of sweat later: "Is VicBond007 in the audience?"
    So yeah. That's the brief and simple history behind the vid. And a funny thing happened after I finished this AMV. Normally when I finish a video, I never want to see the series again. When I finished this video, I fell in love with Haibane Renmei because I finally understood it. and no, the DVDs are not for sale.

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