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  • Member: Corran
  • Studio: Destination Skyline Studios
  • Title: The World She Knows
  • Premiered: 2003-09-28
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    • Collective Soul The World I Know
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    To watch the local version of this video you need either VLC, a standalone player, or, if you want to watch it in WMP, CCCP installed.


    Update Dec 3rd, 2005:
    I went back and remastered this video. There were always a few things I didn't like about this video. This remaster doesn't fix all of them but it does fix most including things that users have pointed out to me in the opinion system. Thank you for your input. I hope you think I've put it to good use.

    --The Christmas Special footage has finally been replaced with DVD source.
    --Ran the video through AviSynth to provide additional cleanup of video noise.
    --Replaced Bumpers to reflect new studio name. They are signifcantly shorter and less annoying than previously :)
    --Keitaro no longer runs his mouth prior to getting set on fire
    --Removed 2 frame clip that shouldn't have been present and threw off sync at one spot
    --Replaced final overlay of the Hinata gang prior to fade out made from DVD source. Looks significantly better.
    --Increased audio quality to 192kb/s
    --With all the improvements to quality, the full quality first-pass render is now only 54.6MB. It used to be 91.3MB


    Update Febuary/March'ish 2004:
    Winner of the 2004 Viewers Choice Awards for Best Character Profile. Thanks to everyone that voted. I truely appreciate knowing that people enjoy my work.

    I've finally completed it. About seven months in the making.. Granted joining the military took up a huge amount of my time. (About six months of that time.)

    Anyways the idea for this video came to me while listening to my favorite band Collective Soul. I had been wanting to do a video about Shinobu in Love Hina for some time. (All the videos I see are about Keitaro and Naru...) Anyways as I listened I began to realize just how well the lyrics matched up to the scenes in the series.

    I am rather happy with how it turned out and I hope you enjoy my video. As always please leave an opinion. So without futher ado dim the lights, turn up the music and enjoy.

    I didn't get too technical basically because of how the story moves along with Shinobu. She is a simple character so this video should be also.

    I decided to keep a medium quality mpeg up on the indirect link for compatability reasons. If you want the High quality avi you need to download it from the local link and have Divx, Xvid, or FFDshow installed for playback.

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