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  • Member: Kenshin8518
  • Studio: Dark Saiyan Productions
  • Title: Dragonball Z: Vegeta's Pride
  • Premiered: 2003-09-28
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  • Songs:
    • Linkin Park Breaking the Habit
    • Linkin Park From the Inside
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  • Comments: Ok, this is my 1st video I am sending in, so i am up for all comments. This will help in my second video. I am going to get Windows Movie Maker 2 over the weekend, but just thought i'd send in this one made w/ the original (i have Windows ME, so can't get it until i get XP).

    Also, This goes to Linkin Park's Meteora cd. It goes to track's 9 and 10. Now, I know from the forums that a lot of you don't like DBZ movies going to LP b/c the band is used so much, but I think that they work well with dbz. I am going to use a lot of diff. bands in the future, but for now wanted to use them. Please don't comment this video on being bad because it has Linkin park as the music. and also please watch it before you comment on it. Thanks a lot.

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