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  • Member: Chaos Angel
  • Studio: Eclipsing Saturn Studios
  • Title: NES Project (Track #11)
  • Premiered: 2003-09-28
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    • endif BARF (VG Mix)
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  • Comments: ("Dance" is more of a rave club type dance than a happy-sappy ubar-sugary dance type thing, for the record. "Fun" is because it's essentially pointless turn-off-your-mind kick-back-and-enjoy stuff. "Action" is because buildings are burning and crumbling and all that fun stuff. If you can't figure out the "Non-Anime" on your own, I pity you.)

    Browsing the forum one day, I saw that Fluxmeister had some openings on the NES project. I checked the available tracks out of curiosity, and BARF hit me as having potential. To me, it sounded kinda like something you'd hear at a techno club, something they play with flashing multicolored lights and glowsticks and all that fun stuff. But it also carried kind of heavier undertone, like said dancers are all wearing black trenchcoats and heavy black boots and have some mental issues or just smoked too much dried pig snot that someone sold them as heroin last night or something.

    Which does not explain why I chose Metropolis for the video, but there ya go anyway.

    Metropolis just struck me as being... appropriate for the song. Several ideas for visuals popped in my head, and I went with them. As a result, this was made. The effects are intened to create a kind of over-the-top dance-club type feel or something. You know, flashing lights and whizzbangs. But I tried to get the footage itself to carry that nigh-surreal undertone, which is why buildings are burning and collapsing and people are pointing guns at you and the final scene is what it is (someone else on the project, I believe it was RedWolf, said the final scene was "creepy". That made my fucking day. He also said he felt the effects were not needed, which tells me I failed to convey to him the mood I wanted to. Meh).

    We were heavily encouraged to include game footage in these videos, and I probably used the second-lowest amount of game footage, at least I extrapolate that from the other videos I've seen. One of them used no game footage, so I am only second place. Much of it I simply didn't feel fit my concept, and I had specific ideas for game bits to use anyway, so I only used what I had ideas for. I don't wanna toot my own horn too much, but from the other videos I've seen, I think my game-footage useage was rather a different take, and I like how it worked when all is said and done.

    I had fun making this video. It's eye-candy, but that was half the point, so I don't care. Here's hoping other people like it too.

    I wish I had a more download-friendly file to upload, but excuses and reasons aside, I simply don't. Sorry.

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