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  • Member: Toji Fujawara
  • Studio: Angel Of Tokyo Productions
  • Title: Onizuka and His Nowhere Kids
  • Premiered: 2003-09-27
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    • Smile Empty Soul Nowhere Kids
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  • Comments: *This video contains Spoilers but not many*
    Plese read the below before watching

    This is my froth video and i feel as though it is my bes of yet. This is also my first time trying lip syncing. It is only in the last chours of the video so plz dont get real mad about the other parts where it may look like i was trying to lip sync. Also I made this video because of how it goes with my friends and I. I think it is a very good example of us so i put it under Drama and Serious. But my family and friends tell me there is some funny parts. I do agree with that. Because i also did this video for fun. but im not going to put it under that.

    "Nowhere Kids"

    in the land of dirt and plaster
    lies an army of a thousand nowhere kids
    losing ground and falling faster
    into a life that no one should have to live

    we are the people that you hate
    we are the bastards that you created (the fucking bastards that you created)
    a generation with no place
    a generation of all your sons and daughters

    behind the fake family image
    behind the smile of a thousand moms and dads
    inside the cage that we've been given
    i see an image of the future that we don't have


    and what did you expect ... a perfect child
    raised by tv sets ... abandoned every mile
    we never get respect ... never a fair trial
    no one gives a shit ... as long as we smile


    Software Used
    Premiere 6.0

    *Anyone who levers a Review can expect one from me*

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