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  • Member: Lazy_H
  • Title: FLCL promo
  • Premiered: 2001-01-27
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    • Lords of Acid Deep Sexy Space
  • Anime:
  • Comments: I had some extra time before finalizing the anime music video contest at OhayoCon 2001 and wanted to put in something fast, fun, and mindless to make the crowd go "Huh!?". I really wanted to do something to FLCL because only up the fifth dvd had been released from Japan and very few people had even heard about the series.

    So while I was looking through what cds I had on hand I came across Lord of Acid's Dirty Little Secret and I knew that I was on the right track. After I picked the song, I edited the first version of the video from 1am-7am before passing out. When I arose I then timed it a little better, changed two scenes, and decided to unleash it unto the masses.

    Most of the edits and scenes should be easily noticable and expected. For example, the cascading gunshots to the beat and the south park scenes. The only things I'm unhappy about are the hospital scene in the beginning I feel lasts a little too long, not synching the oscillating siringe to the beat from 00:00:17 to 00:00:19, and not finding anything better to fit the scene from 00:01:36 to 00:01:38.

    I highly recommend that you find the lyrics to the song and be appalled that nobody ever complained about them.

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