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  • Member: AbsoluteDestiny
  • Studio: Zettai Unmei Anime
  • Title: AccelaNation
  • Premiered: 2001-08-17
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    • Incubus Newskin
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  • Comments: Well, time for an update, methinks.

    This video is now hosted again in celebration of 1000 profile views on the org. Yey!

    This was my first ever music video... and it's not that bad, to be honest. I made this video before seeing *any* real amvs on the net, so I think it's a reasonable acheivement for a first outing. I still like it.

    The editing isn't anywhere near as tight as I would do nowadays but having never seen a Kevin Caldwell video I didn't know that tight editing existed back then ^_^

    The capture quality is average.. perfectly watchable but not the best analogue capture ever. Both the divx and mpeg versions of this are pretty much the same quality. The audio should be good on both.

    Anyway, I still think it's a reasonably good video.

    The new version doesn't have the lyrics subtitled and you will need them to know what's going on. So here goes:

    New Skin by Incubus from the album S.C.I.E.N.C.E.

    At first I see an open wound infected and disastrous
    It breathes chaotic catastrophe it cries to be renewed
    Its tears are the color of anger,
    they dry to form a scab
    To touch It's still and resilient,
    underneath, the new skin breathes

    It's all been saved
    with exception for the right parts
    When will we be new skin?

    As outwardly cliche as it may seem, yes,
    Something under the surface says 'C'est la vie'
    It is a circle, there is a plan
    dead skin will atrophy itself to start again
    Look closely at the open wound
    see past what covers the surface
    Underneath chaotic catastrophe,
    creation takes stage

    dead skin will atrophy itself to start again
    dead skin will atrophy itself to start again
    dead skin will atrophy itself to start again

    It's all been saved
    with exception for the right parts
    When will we be new skin?

    It's all been seen with exception for what could be
    When will we be new skin?

    Fallacious cognitions spewed from televisions
    do mold our decisions
    So stop and take a look,
    and you'll see what I see now

    Original Video Information

    An industrial technoshock Lain video with meaning (I hope). Having seen the series will probably help with subtext of the video, otherwise it will probably just be a load of 'cool eyecandy' or something ^_^

    This was a first for me in two ways:

    1) It was my first ever music video - having toyed with the idea for some time. As a result, it's more than a little imperfect for my liking (although I still think it turned out fairly well). I've learned a lot about video quallity and editing techniques since then and I'm hoping to build upon whatever skills I have. I also hadn't seen all that many amvs so.... I'm sure you get the picture.

    2) It was also my first attempt at timing and editing subtitles - I thought I'd bring the two together in one go. So, this video actually has karaoke possibilites. It also help link the lyrics to the footage as it's very important (and the lyrics can be hard to make out).

    Please, please, please leave comments on style and content as I'd very much appreciate feedback. As for video quality, I can probably pick out the issues myself now that I've learned a few tricks.

    I used an old DC-30 for the footage and Adobe Premier to put it together. The framerate is all buggered because I originally made it with the purpose of showing friends in the UK on PAL VHS - so that probably doesn't help. Also, I didn't capture at a very high bitrate and its was generally a bit sloppy. Also, i think I may have gone overboard with the special effects - but it is lain.

    This took me from 10:00 to 20:00 to make - including capturing and eating. I didn't storyboard but it was mostly in my head anyway.

    I hope you like it!

    Ian Roberts

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