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  • Member: EBwiz
  • Studio: Arcadia Studios
  • Title: AniMix Project (Unofficial) - Mai Wants to Dance
  • Premiered: 2003-09-26
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • K 2 Der Burg Ruft
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Well, I originally did this video for the animix project just BEFORE actually signing up, just to find out it had been taken before they had time to put it on the site. So now I get to do a completely DIFFERENT video at a different time, but that's ok... But I'm not gonna let this video which was a cute idea on my part go unseen. So, this is a bad quality MPEG version I made my friends to see and now you can see it too. I do have a 12 MB XVid version for submission to AniMix as well that I may put up at a later date, I don't know. Anyway, give this a look and be sure to tell me what you think.

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