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  • Member: Rozard
  • Studio: Random Variable Productions
  • Title: Price To Fly
  • Premiered: 2003-09-24
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  • Song:
    • Burning Airlines Outside The Aviary
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  • Comments: This video is my AWA Pro 2003 entry. It's a straight action video. It didn't get nominated, however, but I still love it *AIM Kissyface*

    This is the second Burning Airlines song listed in the Org's database, the first being The Deluxe War Baby from Kwasek's Trigun video. I have to thank him for that video, because that song got me into the group.

    This video was in no way inspired by Koop's use of RahXephon (Since he is in my studio). I had this idea before I saw Euphoria. It's still an awesome video, but I didn't get any ideas from it. Sorry Koop :*|

    I hope you all enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it. In fact, this is a slightly altered version than the one I submitted to AWA Pro. The night before the submission deadline, I edited for 10 hours straight, completing about 60% of the video. To quote Hitori, "Never Again!" I actually had a fun time editing for that long, but I had just gotten back from work, and then I exported, compressed, burnt to CD, and mailed it with the tapes, slept for an hour, and then worked for another 6 horus. That's what wasn't fun -_-

    Anyhow, getting back on topic, I've clipped a few stray frames, fixed some timing, swapped/added a scene or two, and changed the brightness/contrast of every individual frame to get the right balance I wanted.

    Also, I KNOW THE INTRO IS LONG!!! I wanted to do it this way, in order to show another side of RahXephon. I know Devolution didn't trust me, but I think he'll be pleased at the result. And, to play off Taskmasta's new video. Prepare to witness....The Longest Intro In History!!!

    1st Place - Action - AnimeUSA 2003
    Best Action - MegaCon 2004

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