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  • Studio: GUNDAMPILOT Inc.
  • Title: The End of Our Days
  • Premiered: 2003-09-22
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    • Andy Hunter Amazing
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  • Comments: This was one of my greatest undertakings to date on an amv as well as my first amv using my favorite anime Zone of the Enders. Im more partial to the games but the anime IDOLO which was used in this amv is also great as is the case with me and anything Z.O.E. related. This video took me the longest time to make out of all my videos. Being my first video for Z.O.E. I wanted it to reflect the fondness I have for the series. This will also mark my first time use of a technoish song. What can I say I like to try new things, cant always stick to rock music now can I.

    After I sent this video out to my normal group of reviewers I got back nothing but high marks from all of them. Ill even go so far as to quote one of them..."I dont think anyone can come close to captureing the emotion and imagry you did in this video when it comes to zoe" I took that as a job well done but I like to let some of my peers in the amv field decide that before I go patting myself on the back.

    In this video I tried to stay close to the action that has made Z.O.E. what it is today but also tried to include the raw emotion that made IDOLO such a great anime as a whole. I do hope everyone enjoys this video because to me this video was more of a pleassure to make for myself then anyone will ever know.

    All opinions are appreciated and welcome.

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