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  • Member: Second Element
  • Studio: Second Element Video
  • Title: The Other Side of Time
  • Premiered: 2003-09-21
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  • Song:
    • Mary Fahl On the Other Side of Time
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  • Comments: I almost feel guilty, as there are at least 2 videos more than 3/4ths finished and I put them aside to do this one. However, we all know these kinds of videos. The kind where inspiration hits, you know exactly what you want to do and how you're going to do it, and you just take it and run with it and don't stop until it's finished. That's how this video came to push itself ahead and out before about 8 other video projects we're working on.

    Most people will say, without admiting it's mostly for fan-service reasons, that the second Inu Yasha movie is better than the first ( although I have borrowed some scenes from it for this video). I strongly disagree. There is something completely endearing and touching about the first Inu Yasha movie, "The Love that Transcends Time". Everything from a stolen Kirara mauling into Sango and sending her flying rag-doll style into the air among a cascade of her own tears, to the motif of winter and snow to represent seperation and decay, to Inu Yasha using the very tree he was slain upon years before to communicate with a disraught Kagome.

    This video is about remorse, sorrow, suffering, and yet raw hope and forgiveness. The hauntingly gothic and beautiful voice of Mary Fahl, most well-known for her years as the lead singer of "October Project", performs this simple but symbolic theme about two souls being lost in time with only the forgiveness in their hearts and the hope to one day meet again on the same plane in time.

    I've included here the lyrics:

    "Snow falls, silent and slow
    On the unforgiving land
    You stand clutching your coat
    Red twig dogwood in your hand
    I see your face unchanged, unlined
    No trace of age
    No tracks of time
    Walking over the fields
    Tiny figure on the plain
    You turn into the wind
    And you seem to call my name
    So long you've been unheard, unseen
    Now here you are
    Inside this dream
    Once in a golden time
    We stood beside the river
    And spoke of true things
    We knew would last forever
    Wild promises
    And heartless laughter
    No whisperings
    Of what comes after
    Broken ties
    And unquiet years
    You forget who you are
    I still remember who you are
    You live here in my dreams
    Land of images and signs
    Sleep now, I'll see you there
    On the other side of time
    We all are just
    Points on some line
    We'll meet again
    We'll meet in time"

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