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  • Member: Jimmyen
  • Studio: Studio SARS
  • Title: The Last Love Song on this Little Planet
  • Premiered: 2003-09-21
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  • Song:
    • Spacehog At Least I got Laid
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  • Comments: This was a video I started working on in the summer prior to AWA 2003. It took much longer to finish than I would have liked because editing is not something I enjoy in and of itself. The original goal was that I'd get it done for Expo that that year, but as it happened I didn't even finish it until the weekend before the convention.

    My opinion of this video has cooled since I first debuted it, as the evidence of my completely amatuer editing abilities shows through in some sloppy technical aspects. Still, it's a fairly original concept, which cannot be said of the majority of AMVs, and it's genuinely humourous. People who like the video seem to REALLY like it. People who don't seem to shrug because they "don't get it."

    If you wish to have a long schpiel concerning the video's technical past and the story behind why it was made to begin with, I believe this site now keeps records of edits to these comments. There was originally a much longer and arguably arrogant volume of text here.

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