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  • Member: EBwiz
  • Studio: Arcadia Studios
  • Title: Advice for Keitaro
  • Premiered: 2003-09-20
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    • Everclear Everything To Everyone
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  • Comments: A case of "concept = creation" I suppose. This video actually sprung up from a serious conversation I had with a friend of mine about us in relation to all our friends in that we do so much to please them and yet feel we get the short end of the stick. It's like sometimes there's nothing you can do to please anyone... granted, we weren't getting the crap kicked out of us like Keitaro, but that's immediately who it reminded me of. Then I saw a great Love Hina video to Blessed Union Of Souls "Hey Leonardo" ( which served as a piece of inspiration as well. What it showed me is that video and song matches are very choice. ( an anime like Love Hina, you need something to fit the style of the anime as well as the video, and Hey Leonardo was the perfect match, and complimented by very good editing. The video was enjoyable, and on point with it's concept, but most of all, it was funny and cute in the same way the show was, which I believe is another part of what makes a good video: captivating what makes the show good.

    When I heard this song, I thought to myself it encompasses just how I had been feeling, as told to me by some "better half" on the subject I had said earlier. It also seemed to reflect alot of the same style as "Hey Leonardo", so I thought it'd be a fun video to try to Love Hina. Instantly, my mind started to work, but then I realized what I had, while a good concept, was still another video focused on the beatings of Keitaro. I didn't want that to hold me back, but I still wanted to be somewhat original. Thus, I needed a gimick to set the video apart. So I thought of the wonderfully storyboarded video "Beboppin'" By DJ Fritz, which I'm sure anyone who attended Otakon 2K2 remembers quite well. I wanted something like that, a story of sorts, or at least something being told by a perspective. Then, once again, my thoughts focused on another Otakon 2k2 video, this time another Love Hina video, "Advice for Shinobu"... ( The video was to Denis Leary's "Life's gonna Suck" and it wasn't told through any specific perspective, but the idea of the video was giving Shinobu advice, as the title ensued. Thus came the title for this video as a sort of homage to that video, only this time I was giving Keitaro advice. Then I thought about the idea of what the song meant to me, as a "Better half" of me was telling me this story... Thus a spark was lit, and production began because now I had a solid concept and a gimic to set it at least a LITTLE apart from the rest. It also gave me ample time to try out some new digital effects I had learned as I use experience to work my way to finally making a video worthy of a convention submition.

    While it's still not convention worthy, I'm proud of this video. It has small errors, including jumps in parts I had to slow down the speed (No clue why it does that, and I know how to fix it if I catch it, which I usually don't) and the lip sync isn't ALWAYS correct, but for what it is, it definetly shows improvement to my 2 fatal fury videos and ANYTHING I did in my early days (All of those videos have yet to hit the net due to embarrassment on my part) And after debating, I decided the best way to learn is to gain critizism. So Here you are, I ask you to DL the video and review me as harsh as you can. I know there's errors that need fixing, and I'm willing to listen to fix them in the future. But most of all, enjoy the video!

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