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  • Members: Spyral, Kazz, Silvercat
  • Studio: Studio Gaijin
  • Title: The Joke Was On Me
  • Premiered: 2001-08-14
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    • Faith No More I Started a Joke (Cover)
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  • Comments: Our second video, unlike our first, was mostly completed the same day we came up with the idea. This one was also more manageable in that it stuck to our original script. ;)

    This video has scenes of violence and may not be suitable for all viewers. It was created with a sense of dark humor, and it's just not a happy video. It doesn't really belong in the comedy section, but we think it's very funny in a twisted sort of way.

    The "jokes" are on a few different characters from the film, but mainly on Tetsuo. Can you figure out all of them?
    Kaneda is used in reference to "the whole world" lines in the song, and this fits with their relationship in the movie (watch it!).

    There aren't a lot of effects in this video. We wanted the simplicity of it all to convey the message, but when used they are used well.


    For more information about the creatioin tools we use and for *more download options* please visit our website at!

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