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  • Member: mckeed
  • Studio: Dark Side Productions
  • Title: Kyoto Rain
  • Premiered: 2001-12-01
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    • Guns And Roses November Rain
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  • Comments: Was going through my music collection and heard this song. At first I thought that this would be a good collaboration piece with a few different people. Started working on it myself and found out how easy this was comming togeather so i decided to scrap the collaboration idea and go it alone. That was a good decision. This video is definatly my best so far. A little on the long side, but it is well worth it.

    I tried to do kinda a epic kind of video, going through all parts of the OVA and trying to give a good sense of what happened in the 4 episodes. There are major spoilers in the vid. I think i did a good job portraying the feeling of the video. I go through kenshin's early years through his major battles and conflicts and realtionships with the rest of the characters. I interlaces the story with some action to keep it interesting, but the action depicts key scenes in the series and they aren't random violence scenes. I started to use more effects than previously. I did some transparency scenes twords the end and used some strobing effects throughout the video to punctuate certain events and just to spruce the video up a bit. I am proud of this video and am entering it into the mindwarp contest as it is too long to be entered in anything else....damn time limits.....this is a bad ass video and I should be given special consideration......or not.

    All direct links are to a remasterd version. Much better quality and much smaller filesizes that previous.

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