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  • Member: Voices_Of_Ryan
  • Studio: Mindless Studios
  • Title: "To Treasure"
  • Premiered: 2003-09-17
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  • Song:
    • Saliva Rest in Pieces
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  • Comments: This project was something I've wanted to get done for a while now, before I get started on the video, let me list the people I'd like to thank,

    Rachel "Fyrtenheimer" Bright
    Mark "Kthulhu" Hedges
    Ian "Dbz_Doomrider"
    Paulo "Paulo/Kitsume"

    That's most of the people that had a big role in the completion of this video, now on to about the video!

    This started the same month (around the same day actually?) that my girlfriend and I got together, It was a more of a Spur of the moment type thing, like hey I wanna do a drama video!

    Anyway I actually knew the song I wanted to use, and I was pretty sure about using outlaw star, but then it came to me one night about a relationship between a guy and a ninja in another anime (Hunt for the sword samurai) the next day I dug it up from my dvd pile and put it in, nothing fit, it was a mess, it was a horrible idea, untill an Idea struck!

    What if, I make things seem like they really arnt in the anime, what if I try my hand at REALLY manipulating the audience and seeing what emotions I can get out of them, good idea, bad time.

    I started on the project not so long after that (about a day?) and began to work, I finished 2 days later and said WOW THIS RAWKS.

    I really didnt wanna release it till the next day cause I had some school work to do (one of the only times i'll say thank god for school eh?), when I came back I started watching it, first noticing bad timing, then the lack of enthuseasim, then boredem, it sucked people, it just planely sucked like hell, so I basicly deleted that and said fuck it.

    It's augest (not really now, but it was, you get the point), and I was sitting in my room after finishing another video.. I had been thinking about a new project to do and nothing had really stuck out to me as exciting, then BAM it hit me, since I'm better now, why Don't I try making that video again!

    So once again, i set out ripping and working a bit at a time, fixing scenes, deciding if I wanted lip syncing or not, all this between school work, other videos, my girlfriend, and me trying to play baseball.

    Around 2am September 16th, I finished the video :D.

    I wanted to do something good for marytza's birthday, and I'm saving all my money for a car, so this is it, this is what I'm doing for her, and because of that, I knew I pretty much had to make this my BEST amv ever, period.

    And I think on that count I MORE than succedded, I think this is truly my best amv ever (weather or not it's better than anyone elses, I don't know :P) and I hope you like it,

    I'm releasing it about 2 weeks before marytza's birthday :D but since she doesnt come here often she wont know ^_~ (go me :P).

    I also recommend you download the 75mb Local AVI it looks MUCH better than the mpeg (this is my first release using avi, so it might not look perfect).

    The mpeg is on my Direct server so I ask, PLEASE if you have the ability and computer to do so, PLEASE watch the 720 x 480 AVI, not only is it just better looking, but it's just crisper all together.

    Anyway, Enjoy ^_^ I know it's my best Ever, I worked so hard on it to make it my best video ever, and I hope you enjoy all the work I put into it.

    Thank you,

    Computer/Tech stuff used,
    1 copy of Hunt for the sword Samurai,
    1 Saliva compact disc
    1 AMD 500mhz computer
    Adobe Premiere 6.0
    Virtual Dub 1.4.04
    Aol Instant Messaging
    Dvd Decrypter

    Soda, soda, soda, water, soda, soda, water, Pizza and water...

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